Tremix System also known as Dewatering System is used in making Industrial Floors, Concrete Roads, Runways, Railways Platforms, Warehouse container Yards, Canal Lining, Pathways, Bridges, RCC Roads, etc.

The Tremix process gives the below properties to concrete:

» Higher Compressive Strengths
» Faster Initial Strength
» Reduced Shrinkage
» Reduced Permeability
» Abrasion Resistant Flooring

Tremix Set Contains four different machinery as below:

Tremix Dewatering Videos

Tremix Dewatering system is widely used in India for making RCC roads [Reinforced Cement Concrete Roads]. At many places in India, government regulation requires contractors to use the tremix methodology for making RCC roads, as dewatering enhances the strength of concrete roads and makes them last longer and withhold damage due to rains and heavy traffic. Following videos show some live examples of how tremix dewatering is being used to make strong and sturdy roads: