Tower Hoist

Tower Hoist

Safari Tower Hoists are heavy duty and require minimum maintenance. They are used to lift concrete and other construction material for slab construction. The scaffolding provided with the Tower Hoist ensures safety at construction sites.

Tower Hoist Features

» Easy to install

» Scaffolding ‘H-frame’ of B-Class, ISI marked pipe

» No Foundation Required

» Brand New Tyres

» 12 mm Usha Martin Wire Rope

» Heavy Duty Tower

Capacity Upto 500 kg gross load
Upto 1000 kg gross load
Height Upto 40 Ft Upto 200 Ft
Prime Mover 8 HP Air cooled diesel Engine/5 HP Electric Motor Air cooled diesel Engine/ Electric Motor suitable to required height.
Column/Tower Front: 50 x 50 x 6 mm angle Rear: 35 x 35 x 5 mm angle 50 x 50 x 6 mm angle
Wire Rope 10 mm, 6 x 36 Usha Martin 12 mm, 6 x 36, Usha Martin
Drive Friction Roller Type Friction Roller Type
Foundation Not required Not required
Scaffolding N/A H Frame – B class 31.75 mm dia pipe ISI mark, & Scissors of 30 x 30 x 3 mm
Skip Unit Heavy Duty with safety lock Heavy Duty with safety lock
Bucket Capacity 170 litres / 0.17 cubic meters 250 litres / 0.25 cubic meters
Wheels Brand new 400 x 8 pneumatic tyre with hub & bearing system, and pressed steel plate rims – 4 no’s Brand new 600 x 16 pneumatic tyre with hub & bearing system, and pressed steel plate rims – 4 No’s

How to use Tower Hoist with Tough Rider :

Concrete is discharged in the tower hoist bucket from the tough rider using a chute. The tower hoist bucket is lifted up the tower using its winch mechanism. The bucket is easily tilted at the required floor and concrete is unloaded for construction of the slab. Scaffolding is used with the tower hoist for safety.

Alternatively, if concreting is not done at a central location, a concrete mixer can be placed right next to the lift and concrete can be discharged directly from the mixer to the tower hoist bucket.

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