Rotary Sand Sieving Machine

Rotary Sand Sieving Machine

Sand Sieving machines are manufactured with the highest quality raw material. These Sand Sieving Machines are used to sieve sand on construction sites.These machines can be used for residential and commercial projects.

Rotary Sand Sieving Machine Features

» Easily interchangeable sieve

» Heavy duty 1.60 mm GI Mesh

Prime Mover Manual 1 HP Single Phase Electric Motor with gear box
Mesh Heavy Duty 1.60 mm GI Mesh , 4×4 mm dia of hole Heavy Duty 1.60 mm GI Mesh , 4×4 mm dia of hole
Interchangeable Sieve Yes Yes
Wheels N/A metal wheels for easy transportation on site – 4 Nos
Cylinder Dimensions Dia 500 mm x L 1420 mm Dia 700 mm x L 1425 mm
Overall Dimensions L 2100 x W 685 x H 1420 mm L 2280 x W 985 x H 1545 mm
Weight 72 kg 250 Kg
OPTIONS: » Manual operation optional facility in Motorized model

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