Concrete Groove Cutter

Concrete Groove Cutter

Groove Cutter is also known as concrete cutter. It is used to cut grooves in RCC roads.

Safari Groove Cutter includes water spray attachment & adjustable line pointer to guide the operator.

Concrete Groove Cutter Features

» Water Spray attachment

» Adjustment line pointer Guide

Model no. SAFARI GC
Prime Mover 7.5 HP Three Phase Electric Motor with MCB switch,2800 rpm
Blade diameter option 14″ / 15″ / 16″
Blade thickness option 3 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm
Blade Shaft Diameter 38 mm
Cutting Speed 25 mph
Cutting Depth Green Concrete 100 mm, Dry concrete 60 mm
Water Tank 12 Litres
Wheels Rubber Coated Wheels – 2 Nos
Overall Dimensions L 1460 x W 600 x H 900 mm
Weight 162 kg.
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