Concrete Mixer with Hoist (Lift) manufacturer

Concrete Mixer cum Hoist (Lift)

Safari 1000 Concrete Mixer with lift or combined tower hoist is used to mix cement mixture, sand and other aggregates to produce concrete of the required grade and lift it up to the required building floor for construction of slabs or column filling or any other construction related activity. Concrete Mixer has a capacity of 10/7 Cubic feet or one bag mixer.

Concrete Mixer cum Hoist or Lift is a dual machine with dual benefits of price and space. Single machine can do both the tasks of mixing cement and lifting or hoisting it with a single engine or motor. Low cost apartment projects are highly benefited by this type of cement mixer.

Heavy Duty large size mixing drum of 500 liters enables easy mixing and yields high quality concrete mixture without any spillage or waste of the mixture.

This design of concrete mixture production & hoisting is very popular in Northern areas of India and certain African countries.

Concrete Mixer cum Hoist (Lift) Features

» Dual Utility

» Single Prime Mover – Double Action

» Heavy Duty Cast Iron Drum enables easy tilting of drum thus reducing fatigue for the worker and increasing output considerably.

» Tyre Axle with locking system

» Brand New Pneumatic Tyres

» Heavy Duty M.S. Channel Chassis

Model no. SAFARI 1000 MCL
Capacity 10/7 cft
Prime Mover 10 HP air cooled HSD diesel engine
Mixing Drum Volume 500 Litres
Height 55 Feet
Hoist Bucket Capacity 250 Liters
Drum Speed 18 rpm
Yoke 100x100x5 mm seamless M.S. Pipe, Bearing System
Chassis Heavy Duty M.S. 125 x 65 mm Channel chassis
Drive Chain Rolon brand
Handi / Drum Heavy Duty CI drum
Column/Tower 100 x 50 C Channel Tower
Wire Rope 12 mm, 8 x 19, Usha Martin
Drive Clutch Type
Wheels Brand new 600 x 16 pneumatic tyre with hub & bearing system, and pressed steel plate rims – 4 No’s
Dimensions L 2909 x W 2134 x H 2744 mm
Weight 2200 Kg

The below video shows how concrete mixer cum hoist is used to mix cement mixture and lift it for construction of a water tank.

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